Vatnajoekull National Park

Parque Nacional Vatnajoekull

Parque Nacional Vatnajoekull

Vatnajoekull National Park (Sprengisandsleio) – located toward the eastern part of Iceland, Vatnajökull National Park offers its visitors a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the forceful interplay of volcanoes and glaciers. The park covers 13% of Iceland with its 13.600 km2 (5,300 square miles) and is the largest national park in Western Europe.


The Icelandic word jökull means glacier and the National Park contains the largest glacier in the world outside the Arctics, called Vatnajökull. This massive glacier has many subsidiary glacier tongues, each of which has its own name and distinct characteristics.


Vatnajökull National Park is unique in its range of contrasting natural wonders and is characterized by the perpetual struggle of fire and ice.  In this area you’ll see the white glacier descending to black sands, hot streams erupting from frozen banks of ice and, Iceland’s highest mountain presiding over its deepest proglacial lake.